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Changing Your Approach

Focusing on 5 key areas that organizations need to intentionally put energy into to make lasting change a reality. Taken individually, each area can have a positive impact on your company or team, but if you only focus on one of these, you may find yourself back in the same place wondering why real change seems so unattainable. I'll discuss what Purpose, Culture, Motivation/Engagement, Process and Happiness can do FOR your organization if you are intentional about each. 

Culture and Branding... What's your story?
Using the case-study as an example this talk goes through the steps Zappos took to becoming a world-class customer service company that is internationally known for its intense focus on culture. Think you know what organizational culture is all about? This talk will help you get to the heart of what makes your brand tick, and inspire change in the way you think about managing, working and business as it should be. The future of work is going to be amazing, don't you want to help lead the way?!

Your customer experience is your most important marketing tool
Did you know that return customers who received a consistent experience are more likely to talk about your brand? Zappos does! Learn how they've turned 'happy' customers into 'loyal' customers!

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A brief History


At 15 I started working at Fisher's Popcorn in Ocean city, MD Serving customers at the counter and making batches of the best caramel popcorn in the world. this is a great family-run company that taught me a lot about the right way to treat employees and customers. 

Growing customer-base

At 18 I wanted to work closer to home and took a job at a convenience store. Between my brother, our friend and the daytime crew we grew the 'regular' customer base by using common sense and paying attention to what really mattered. That personalized service even helped me years later when I met my would-be mother in law...

trade ya...

At 21 I was already a 'working' musician but was encouraged to learn a skilled trade and started working in a CNC shop. Highly precise parts required special attention to detail. My willingness to learn lead to my running a laser-marking department and lending a hand with process control work.

Sales and training

Moving to a new city meant looking for new opportunities. Before I took a job doing sales in a call center I asked my father if he was good at sales because we are much alike... His answer was 'I don't know, I've never done sales'... I ended up being a closer, revamping the onboarding/new hire training and retention department training and working in HR as a recruiter. I let him know that he would likely do well in sales.

Let me hear you...

Always passionate about music, audio and show production I seized a unique opportunity to work as a freelance audio tech. I got to work in shop settings and on show-sites doing everything from basic prep to running the front of house sound. Putting together a show means you get to be a part of a great experience every day, and every little thing matters (even if most audience members wouldn't notice them)!


Realizing that I was approaching 30 years old and didn't have health insurance shook things up. I saw a listing for a call center representative and reluctantly went to a job fair for this place called Zappos. Man, was it so much more than just a call center job! I got to say 'How can I help you?' and really mean it! I learned what it looks like to be focused on customer service and what a difference a strong and well defined culture really makes. I grew a tour experience of the campus that became a business-toursit attraction and learned how to facilitate training events for executives, directors and managers. When the opportunity came to take on something new, I became the Zappos Insights Culture Evangelist, travelling around the world to share about the Zappos approach to culture, customer service and found my purpose in life - to help change the world and make the future of work so much brighter!