United Way of Lower Eastern Shore

 “We had the good fortune of having Jon speak at the recent CEO Breakfast to benefit The United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore (Maryland). Jon’s message was both incredibly relevant and inspiring. As a person in leadership, in both my professional and volunteer life, I left Jon’s presentation feeling both energized and empowered to implement some of the very practical ‘takeaways’ I received. Jon, please keep up the good work. The ever changing business landscape needs more voices like yours!” 

Jim Hartstein, The Insurance Market, Salisbury, MDUnited Way of the Lower Eastern Shore Board President 

Kain Automotive, Inc.


"When we invite 100 of our best clients and closest friends to our annual workshop we aim to expand their minds and introduce them to new ideas and concepts that won't usually see or hear in their normal daily routine.  With that hope we asked Zappos for their best evangelist that could really bring a culture changing message to our clients.  Boy did they deliver...I was introduced to Jonathan Wolske and he was compelling, humble and inspirational.  He literally made our audience feel as though they had a personal friend at Zappos.  I was so glad we met Jonathan and hope we continue to cross paths in the future.  He's the real deal!" 

David Kain - President, Kain Automotive Inc. - An Award Winning Automotive Industry Training Company  

Buffalo Wings and Rings

 Just a quick note of thanks for delivering a great keynote at our conference.  The message was right on what we are trying to accomplish and your engaging delivery of the message made your talk one of the highlights of our conference.

  Susan Milkowski Director, Learning and Development - Buffalo Wings & Rings, LLC

Client unknown (physical thank you card, no signature)

  I just wanted to thank you for delivering a great presentation to our Store and Service managers.  You really “Wowed” them.  

GoSpotCheck Field Days

 "I really want to thank you for giving such an impassioned keynote at GoSpotCheck's Field Days. Beyond that, we really appreciate the way you ingrained yourself into the summit and made yourself available to all attendees. The consensus on our end is that your presentation and participation was a huge value add to our customers and prospects."

Dan Kasper

Senior Director, Brand


Executive Meeting attendee

 “Jon was an inspiring speaker at the United Way CEO breakfast.  As a successful entrepreneur, Jon’s message was relevant to any aged person who wants to “make a difference.”   Proud to have a native Eastern Shore man representing us in Las Vegas.”               

Jim Purdue

Chairman, Purdue Farms